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Welcome to the
Municipality of Polygyros

The Municipality of Polygyros is literally the heart of Halkidiki, very close to Thessaloniki. The easy access from Thessaloniki to visitors arriving by plane, train or car, makes the Municipality of Polygyros one of the most accessible destinations in Northern Greece.

Halkidiki has been continuously inhabited since ancient times. In the modern Archaeological Museum of Po lygyros, the collections of finds start from prehistoric societies and highlight the importance of the area during the classical, Hellenistic and Roman eras. Ancient Olynthos is one of the most important cities of ancient Greece and the first sample of urban planning by Hippodamus, the architect who set the rules of urban development worldwide.

The landscapes alternate between mountain and sea and forests and golden sands. Polygyros is built at the foot of the verdant Mount Holomontas, offering coolness in the summer and a clean atmosphere in the winter. The sea front has an area of 21 kilometers and includes some of the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki: Kalyves, Gerakini, Psakoudia, Metamorfosi.

This variety of natural environment gives many opportunities for recreation and exploration. The fir forest of Taxiarchis, the thousand-year-old sycamore of Geroplatanos, the olive groves of Ormylia, the pines of the coastline, are suitable for hiking, cycling and mountain or sea sports activities.

The dominant characteristic of the settlements of the Municipality of Polygyros is their history. The Byzantine heritage of churches and monasteries, the folklore of the Ottoman period, the historical memory of the Greek Revolution of 1821 and the wars of the 20th century, are reflected in the buildings, cobbled streets and museums: in the Tower of Galatista, the Road of the Monasteries of Ormylia, the Paintings of Paleochora, the Historical Promenade of Polygyros, the Christmas Village of Taxiarchis, the Ancient Coast of Mikyverna, the Legendary Coast of Gerakini.

In urban centers, villages and settlements, the past is connected to the present through the revival of customs, folklore events and cultural festivals. Traditional techniques meet modern methods of product production and processing. The olives and olive oil from Olynthos and Kalyves to Ormylia, the mineral water of Doumbia, the tsipouro of Galatista, Sana and Polygyros, the kumaro of Vrastama, the mushrooms of Taxiarchis, the skewers of Agios Prodromos and the sausages Polygyrou, the wine of Marathousa, honey, dairy products and local meat and seafood enrich every event with flavors and aromas.

For the residents of the Municipality of the Capital of Halkidiki, the history of the place is the family heritage that is not only preserved but transmitted by every written and oral means from generation to generation. Civilization, culture, folklore, tradition, gastronomy, make up an authentic destination that respects the natural environment and welcomes visitors.

In the Municipality of Polygyros there are approximately 180 accommodation units, of all categories and types, with a total capacity of approximately 8,000 beds. In the majority of them the businesses are coastal, seasonal operations. Accommodation options also exist in organized campsites, while children’s camps also operate. Catering, entertainment and activity businesses are active in all settlements of the Municipality of Polygyros, 12 months a year.

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