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Halloween in Polygyros

Faithful to a decades-old tradition, the Municipality of Polygyros organizes carnival events every year, offering its residents and its numerous visitors moments of optimism and joy.

The events of the Polygyrin carnival are basically based on the cultural potential of the Municipality and on the collaborations with local organizations, reducing the total cost of the events to a minimum. The massive participation of the local communities of the Municipality as well as the voluntary participation of agencies and citizens is the key to success.

Events for young and old, musical performances, exhibitions, dance performances and of course the big parade on the last Sunday of Halloween with the participation of hundreds of carnival participants in the center of the city make up the main features of the program every year.

The dominant element is the dances and the special events of the clubs and organizations of Polygyros, while all the night shops with special events, treats and many disguises seduce the public into carnival rhythms.

Polygyros Festival

Since 2009, every summer the heart of culture “beats” at the Polygyros amphitheater, where the Polygyros Festival takes place.

In the first five years of its existence, the Polygyros Festival has presented its audience with great theatrical, musical and dance performances starring great Greek artists. Thanos Mikroutsikos, Dionysis Savvopoulos, Maria Faradouri, Alcinoos Ioannidis, Lavrentis Mahairitsas, Giorgos Hatzinassios, Manolis Mitsias, Yannis Spanos and many more musicians and performers have passed through his stage, while the warm applause of the audience was received by leading Greek actors such as Thymios Karakatsanis, Vassilis Tsivilikas, Kostas Voutsas, Kariofylia Karabeti, Minas Htzisavvas and Ms.

The central program of the festival is complemented by dozens of parallel events in all the local departments with the support and care of local clubs and agencies.

May 17, 1821

The Municipality of Polygyros commemorates every year the anniversary of the declaration of the revolution in Halkidiki on May 17, 1821 by organizing, in addition to the anniversary events, which aim to preserve the historical memory, and events of cultural content giving even greater splendor to the celebration.

Concerts, theater and dance performances, art and book exhibitions with the participation of education and local organizations, speeches etc. they complete the puzzle of the events and are added to the student parade, the memorial prayer at the initiation site of the Polygyrinos in Filiki Etairia, the established popular race to victory gathering the interests of young and old in the Kallikratiko Municipality of Polygyros.


With the main aim of preserving the tradition and the promotion of quality local products in the Municipality of Polygyros, celebrations are held every year, which have succeeded in delighting residents and visitors.

Their main feature: tasting events, free food, prepared mainly by women’s clubs, plenty of drinking and folk feasting.

Livestock Festival in Galatista

The Livestock Festival aims to further strengthen the role of livestock as a driver of development in the Galatista area. Through a series of events and activities, the promotion of local products is sought, the strengthening of the extroversion of local entrepreneurship and the highlighting of the region’s cultural stock. During the celebration, which takes place at the beginning of September, workshops are organized, exhibitions of local agricultural and livestock products, agricultural and livestock machinery, tastings, theatrical, musical and dance performances.

Mushroom Festival at Taxiarchis

For more than thirty years, the popular Mushroom Festival has been organized at the beginning of September, attracting many people from Halkidiki and Thessaloniki. The Taxiarchi Cultural Association and the residents of the village welcome the visitors by serving mushroom appetizers and tsipouro. It is a three-day event full of wine, mushroom delicacies, live music and dancing.

Tsipourou Festival in Sana

Every October in the Local District of Sana, the Tsipourou Festival takes place. The producers of the area invite all the people of Halkidiki and not only to visit the village and try the local tsipouro free of charge, accompanied by the appropriate appetizers. The aim of the event is the promotion and economic stimulation of the Local Apartment of Sani. Basic ingredients of the Tsipourou Festival are traditional music by local instrumentalists, food and drink.

Olive Festival in Olynthos

In the heart of summer, in the middle of July, thousands of people visit Olynthos having fun at the Olive Festival. Dance groups, traditional and popular music and a feast with the participation of the public in the courtyard of the Primary School make up the character of the four-day celebration, the main objective of which is the promotion of the main and certified product of the prefecture, the Halkidiki Olive. Visitors have the opportunity to try olives, olive paste and products made from olives such as sweet spoon olives, olive jam, etc. Of course, the tsipouro also flows abundantly during this celebration.

Kumaru Festival in Vrastama

On the occasion of the celebration of Panagia on the 15th of August, the Vrastam Women’s Association and residents of the village organize three days of events at the chapel of Panagia, the well-known Koumarou Festival. Koumaro is a local drink (a type of tsipouro) that is brewed in the area and visitors have the opportunity to try it during the events, which are accompanied by traditional music and appropriate snacks.

Pomegranate Festival in Riza

In 2012, with the aim of promoting pomegranate cultivation, the producers of Rize started organizing the Pomegranate Festival. The celebration takes place at the end of summer in the central square of the village and includes informative events about this new crop, exhibitions of traditional pure products of the region, such as herbs, sweets, horticultural and dairy products, folk feast.


From the beginning of December until the first days of January, Polygyros wears its festive clothes and transforms into a Christmas town. The Municipality in collaboration with Municipal and Local Communities, organizations and associations are preparing events to entertain young and old and make the welcome of the new year a little brighter. Music and dance groups, theatrical performances, festive games and decorations in every corner of the Municipality of Polygyros promise to give a lot of joy to children and an occasion for adults to escape from problems and travel to the world of fairy tales.