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Municipal Library of Polygyros

The Municipal Library of Polygyros has been operating since February 2012 in its new location, in the familiar Traganou, a restored traditional building, in the historical fabric of the city. In its warm and welcoming spaces, it houses thousands of book titles for reading or borrowing, while it has a separate children’s and teenagers’ section.

In the winter season of 2012-2013, actions for children with the central title “Let’s go to the library” were developed in the Municipal Library of Polygyros, which were embraced by students, parents, teachers and institutions.

The authors of the books, Stella Michailidou and Vasiliki Nevrokopli, among others, participated in these activities, while the children read, dramatized, acted, sang and created their own constructions with ideas from the books.

In the Summer of 2013, the Municipal Library of Polygyros, as part of its participation in the Future Library network and the program “In libraries, the world is colorful”, took part in the reading and creativity campaign.

From June 14, actions aimed at kindergarten and elementary school children were implemented with the main goal of getting to know each other and building a strong, long-lasting relationship between children and libraries.

Every Wednesday and Friday afternoon, the area of the Municipal Library of Polygyros was flooded with happy voices and smiles, as the children combined reading books with painting, crafts, singing, playing.

Thanks to the passion and love of volunteer teachers, young and old children enjoyed with undiminished interest dozens of brand new cool books, learned to work collectively, spent their free time creatively.

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The Municipal Library of Polygyros operates Monday to Friday 8.00-16.00

Tel. contact: 2371025143


Library D.E. Ormilia

The library of D.E. Ormylias started its operation with library standards in 1997 and is housed in the area of the Municipal Store.

Its aim is to become an active knowledge portal in relation to the population and specific local conditions in terms of education, training, research, information, entertainment and culture.

The Municipal Library of Ormylia, which has approximately 8,000 titles, is a place of knowledge, study and cultural offering to the citizens, attracting a large number of readers. 3,500 to 5,000 loans are made annually.

From this total of loans:

50% are children’s literature and picture books for children.

35% is literature (novel, short story, poetry, theater, prose, etc.) the remaining 15% of loans are related to the rest of the collection (eg history, philosophy, psychology, religion, arts, etc.).

Residents of Ormylia and the wider region can become its members.

The Municipal Library of Ormylia is open Monday to Friday 8.00-14.00

Tel. contact: 2371351040